Ongoing Riots in France Deepen the Crisis

On June 27, French police shot and killed an Algerian-French teenager at a traffic stop in the Nanterre suburb of Paris.

Since that time, riots raged on, including armed fighters and the burning down of thousands of buildings and vehicles.

Riots and revolts have broken out across the country, as crews and police try to respond to the massive emergency. Now the true scale of this war-level uprising is coming to light.

Massive Amounts of Vehicles, Buildings Burned to the Ground

Almost a week of riots resulted in over one thousand buildings being torched to the ground, including large apartments and shopping malls.

Police now say over 5,662 cars and trucks have also been burned and smashed, with 3,300 arrests made during this first week. It’s worth keeping in mind that this also includes buses and other large vehicles, which have been blown up.

Many car dealerships were looted, as well as regular stores of all kinds in many cities across France.

Some reports of the riots slowing down remain to be confirmed, but what’s known at this time is the violence has been described as “war” by many police responding.

When you’re being attacked by homicidal maniacs who want to destroy France, it’s hard to call that a “protest” or even a “riot.” It’s an armed insurrection.

Paris 2024?

Keep in mind that Paris is supposed to be hosting the Olympics next year. Meanwhile, the country is in flames and buses are smoking ruins outside future Olympic venues.

The people who are supposed to keep France safe are accused of shooting a teen in cold blood. 254 of their stations have been attacked and burned down. It’s not exactly reassuring, to say the least.

The incident in the shooting of teenager Nahel is horrific. This teenager had traffic violations and made a bad decision to flee from a traffic stop where police had a rifle trained on his face.

Though the idea they would shoot him for that is clearly murder.

It’s also a crime to burn down cities. Nahel’s own relatives, including his grandmother, have told the rioters to stop, warning them they’re just making life worse for ordinary people and families.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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