NYT Reveals Truth Behind COVID Death Figures, Dispelling Misinformation

Numerous health indicators might be misleading, particularly when comparing nations and even regions.

We Knew This

When non-comparable statistics are exploited to illustrate an argument, which is typically a political point, it may be quite unpleasant.

Comparing newborn mortality rates between nations is the most obvious example.

The United States frequently appears to perform poorly in these assessments, but that is mostly because we record the death rate of infants, while other nations hide the data by removing numerous fatalities from their records.

For example, a lot of nations categorize newborn infants’ early deaths as stillbirths. In the US, we include every newborn alive at birth who later passes away from infant mortality.

Another example is COVID statistics, wherein the US has a very low infant mortality ranking.

Even though it’s been claimed for years that our country’s government has been meticulous in accurately calculating COVID deaths, anyone with a functioning brain ought to have realized, by this point, that the US has vastly overcounted COVID deaths.

There are many different causes for this, including a real monetary incentive provided by the government. This incentive increased payments to healthcare professionals for COVID patients and covered the costs of those who died from the disease.

Moreover, the establishment naturally wanted everyone to be alarmed and submissive. Hence, there is no more effective means to achieve this than by declaring every motorcycle crash fatality as a COVID death.

Instances like these have often been labeled as outliers. Allegations that the government overstates the number of COVID fatalities were deemed as “debunked.”

More Lies

The New York Times hid its acknowledgment that the figures were manipulated deep into the body of a report. It’s much like they did with their confession that the Hunter Biden laptop was genuine, years after it was confirmed to be so.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.

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