Shocking Message from LA Police Union Chief to Police Officers

Jerretta Sandoz, the LAPD police union chief, recently advised officers not to work in Los Angeles anymore.

Sandoz has previously expressed concerns about police underfunding and the support of criminals by left-wing groups.

Now, she is being frank, telling police officers that the city does not appreciate or value them and that they should find a place that recognizes their worth.

Why Did She Say This?

Sandoz is currently advocating for a raise for LAPD officers but has been unsuccessful so far. She is clearly frustrated and expressed her anger on her personal Facebook page.

She believes that the city council does not appreciate or care about the important work that police officers do in a dangerous and crime-ridden city like Los Angeles.

In her message, Sandoz even stated that it is not an exaggeration to say that many members of the LA city council “hate” the police and do not support them.

It is evident that Sandoz is not only upset about the city’s refusal to increase salaries but also about the lack of respect and appreciation she feels for the officers.

Escape From LA

Sandoz’s union represents 9,000 police officers in the LA area. Her frustration is not just her own opinion but is shared by many officers who have left the force.

In fact, over 1,000 police officers have resigned from the LAPD in the past four years. This significant loss of personnel comes after the 2020 BLM riots and the ongoing movement to “defund” the police by the far-left.

Police officers do not feel wanted and consider their safety compromised in cities like Los Angeles, where local politicians do not respect them. It is understandable why they would choose to leave.

The Bottom Line

Sandoz has not retracted her statement and stands by every word she wrote. And why shouldn’t she? After all, she is speaking the truth.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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