Possibility of Biden’s Early Departure Prior to 2024

Joe Biden is facing a tough situation right now.

In addition to his poor performance as president, it is becoming increasingly clear that Biden is involved in corruption. Multiple whistleblowers and individuals with knowledge of federal agencies have testified that the FBI deliberately worked to conceal Biden’s actions.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that the president used his influence within the Justice Department to ensure that his son, Hunter, does not face legal consequences for violating tax laws and other regulations.

Now, according to the Gateway Pundit, as pressure mounts on Biden, he could potentially resign from office before 2024.

Here’s What You Should Know

In recent developments, the House Oversight Committee has determined that Biden engaged in questionable dealings with Ukraine, China, and Russia during his time as vice president. These actions compromised the interests of the United States.

Congressional investigations have also revealed that Biden and his relatives accepted significant bribes from China, Romania, and potentially other countries. These bribes were given in exchange for foreign officials influencing US policy decisions.

With all this information and evidence coming to light, attorney Rudy Guiliani claims that the case against Biden is stronger than any he has seen in decades.

How Biden Could Do It?

It is speculated that if the president were to resign in order to prevent his crimes from being fully exposed, he would do so by providing an excuse. This excuse could involve citing medical complications or similar problems as the reason for leaving the White House.

So far, the Biden administration appears to be ignoring the evidence of the president’s crimes.

It remains to be seen what further developments will occur between now and the 2024 presidential election.

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