Potential Breakthroughs Offer Hope for OCD Cure

Millions of adults in the United States live with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

OCD, in a nutshell, creates strong urges to ensure that everything is clean, symmetrical, and orderly. The inability to do this can create feelings of distress and anxiety within those suffering from this particular mental health challenge.

So far, there isn’t a cure for OCD. However, scientists are constantly working to discover new treatment methods for this and other medical conditions.

Some progress seems to have been made. According to the Gateway Pundit, a cause of OCD has been discovered.

This is Major

After extensive review and research, it has been determined that an imbalance of brain chemicals glutamate and GABA in the frontal lobe is directly linked to OCD symptoms.

Glutamate plays a critical role in controlling impulses, while GABA helps regulate neural system excitability. Therefore, individuals with OCD are believed to have an excess of glutamate and a deficiency in GABA.

With this new understanding, medical experts hope to develop various treatment options for OCD.

Stay Tuned

Possible treatments for OCD may involve balancing GABA and glutamate chemicals in affected individuals. Simply suppressing symptoms would not make a significant difference in curing the underlying cause of OCD.

People in the United States should stay updated to learn about any significant developments in OCD research and treatment.

As more information about various conditions becomes available through modern medicine and research, new breakthroughs are always possible.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.

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