Prince Andrew’s Ties to Jeffrey Epstein Strengthened by Fresh Evidence

When financier and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was alive, he managed to cultivate friendships with people in powerful positions.

Following Epstein’s death and subsequent investigations into his activities, there has been speculation that Ghislaine Maxwell, now a convicted child sex trafficker, played a significant role in connecting Epstein with powerful individuals.

New evidence has revealed that Prince Andrew’s connections to Epstein were deeper than previously known, according to the Gateway Pundit.

This Isn’t Looking Good

Earlier this year, the US Virgin Islands filed a lawsuit against JP Morgan Chase, alleging that the bank turned a blind eye to red flags in order to keep Epstein as a client.

During the litigation, new messages came to light, revealing previously unknown ties between Prince Andrew and Epstein.

These messages clearly indicate that Prince Andrew sought Epstein’s assistance in raising capital for a fuel organization. The nature of the prince’s plans for this organization remains unclear.

This evidence contradicts Prince Andrew’s current attempts to downplay his relationship with Epstein.

More to the Story

The true extent of Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein’s relationship is still unknown. Even the new messages revealed in the US Virgin Islands vs. JP Morgan Chase case may only scratch the surface of what transpired.

Hopefully, as time passes, more information will come to light not just about Prince Andrew, but also about other individuals who associated with Epstein.

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