Protests Erupt due to Controversial New Kids Fashion Style ‘Hot Milk’

These days, it seems we can’t go ten minutes without some new attempt to say and do inappropriate things with our kids. In education, they’re hit with LGBT propaganda and inappropriate topics from a young age.

On TV, Disney and other companies want to turn our kids’ minds inside out with inappropriate messages. Now, a new style called “hot milk” or “hot kids” style has the world disgusted as protests arise.

Hot milk became a popular style in China for “hot” clothing for kids and youngsters. It went viral on social media after being introduced at various big stores in China and led to a lot of anger on Chinese social networks like Baidu.

Some users called it “outrageous” and others asked why these clothes were marketed in such an inappropriate way as well by photographers.

The anger online led to pulling back some of these clothes, but other users online explained they see this as their own decision as parents.

Chinese-run media, such as the Youth Network publication, observed something interesting which is very true, noting the “pathological” trend where kids have started dressing more and more like adults. Also, adult styles have become more and more childish.

Why is that, exactly?

China recently banned transgender and gay depictions on TV involving minors. They’re ahead of the US on fighting wokeness, so as you can imagine here in the US and Western world the problem is even worse.

“Hot kids” clothing and this kind of inappropriate stuff are everywhere and it’s making the world worse for kids. Why is it that society and globalist social engineers want kids dressing and pretending to be adults and adults dressing and acting like toddlers?

They want adults mindless and silly acting like kids so they don’t put up any resistance. They want kids to fit into highly stereotypical and exaggerated molds so they can control and shape them into future generations.

This is a serious crisis we have going on here and it goes much further than just kids clothes.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.

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