Unexplained Drowning of Obama’s Chef Sparks Inquiry

The investigation into the sudden death of Tafari Campbell, former President Obama’s private chef, who was found dead in a body of water on the Obamas’ Martha’s Vineyard property, has taken an unexpected turn.

Online investigators have uncovered a video clip from 2019 showing Campbell receiving swimming lessons, contradicting previous theories that suggested he may have drowned because he couldn’t swim.

Campbell, 45, from Dumfries, Virginia, was retrieved by the Massachusetts State Police dive team off Edgartown Great Road on Monday.

The retrieval took place at a depth of approximately eight feet, about 100 feet from the coast.

The body was discovered by Massachusetts Environmental Police Officers using side-scan sonar, according to a press release from the Massachusetts State Police.

Unidentified paddleboarders reportedly witnessed the 45-year-old chef struggling to stay afloat before he drowned.

Police revealed that Campbell was working for the Obamas at the time of his death and was visiting Martha’s Vineyard. The incident occurred when the Obamas were not at home.

The Obamas expressed their sorrow in a statement to CNN, describing Campbell as a “beloved part of our family.”

A new revelation in the case has emerged from Campbell’s Instagram account. Photos from 2017, with hashtags like #stillcantswim and #wemadesomeprogress, showed Campbell and his spouse at Baby Beach in San Nicolas, Aruba, suggesting that he wasn’t a proficient swimmer at that time.

However, by 2019, Campbell had made an effort to overcome this obstacle. Videos from that year showed him taking swimming lessons at Onelife Fitness in Woodbridge, Virginia.

In one shot, Campbell is seen swimming freestyle and backstroke. He also documented his progress, sharing data from his swimming sessions. In one post, he swam a combination of 25 yards, 100 yards backstroke, and 200 yards freestyle in 34 minutes.

In another instance, he completed a 25-yard breaststroke, 100-yard backstroke, and 175-yard freestyle in 37 minutes.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.

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