Russia Banned From Eurovision 2022 For Ukraine Invasion

Organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest reversed their decision and announced on Friday that Russia will not be allowed to perform in this year’s event.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) stated that the decision was made due to concerns that having a Russian entry in the competition would damage its reputation in light of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

This comes after the same group initially stated that Russia would be allowed to send an act to the next Eurovision, which is scheduled to take place in Turin, Italy, in May.

Ukraine’s public broadcasting company had requested Russia’s suspension from the contest, as it is watched by millions of people around the world every year.

However, the EBU, which has been organizing Eurovision since 1956, had previously emphasized that the event is a non-political cultural event.

As a response, several other European countries had indicated that they would not participate in the competition unless Russia was banned.

Russia had not officially announced their act for this year’s Eurovision yet. Since the invasion of Ukraine, many Russians have been risking arrest to protest against their government’s actions.

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