Shocking Display as Thousands Cross Arizona Border Illegally

A video has surfaced showing a large number of illegal immigrants entering Arizona. This concerning incident, filmed by Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, is a clear indication of the growing crisis at our Southern Border.

The video, obtained from reliable sources within Customs and Border Protection (CBP), depicts a large group of illegal aliens crossing the US border through Lukeville, Arizona.

According to Melugin’s sources, the Border Patrol detained over 2,000 illegal immigrants in the Tucson area alone on that day. The group included individuals from countries like Senegal, Ghana, Mauritania, and Sudan.

This incident is not isolated. Earlier this month, Fox News reported on smugglers guiding illegal immigrants through remote desert areas in Arizona.

These migrants, including families with young children, are forced to endure extreme heat and dangerous conditions as they cross the sprawling Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, one of the most desolate and hazardous regions in the Arizona borderlands.

The Tucson Sector of the Border Patrol, which oversees this area, has experienced an unprecedented surge in migrant crossings. In July, it became the busiest sector along the U.S-Mexico border for the first time since 2008.

Migrants from various countries such as Pakistan, China, Mauritania, Ecuador, Bangladesh, and Egypt, along with traditional border crossers from Mexico and Central America, have been detected.

“Right now we are encountering people from all over the world,” said Border Patrol Deputy Chief Justin De La Torre of the Tucson Sector. “It has been a real emergency here, a real trying situation.”

Since January 2021, when Joe Biden assumed office, over seven million illegal immigrants have crossed the border. Critics argue that Mexican cartels have taken advantage of the situation, with the Democratic Party and the Biden administration seemingly turning a blind eye.

Ben Bergquam, host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice, recently documented a makeshift bridge constructed by the Mexican cartel to facilitate illegal crossings.

“The cartel built a bridge from Mexico to the US, so illegals don’t have to get their feet wet walking across the river, and Border Patrol, Secretary Mayorkas, and Joe Biden are allowing it here in Yuma, Arizona,” Bergquam stated.

This escalating crisis at our southern border serves as a stark reminder of the challenges we face as a nation. It’s time for our leaders to take decisive action to protect our safety, sovereignty, and the rule of law.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.

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