The Conservative Brief: The Impact of ‘Bidenomics’ on America’s Struggles

The Biden administration claims that current economic policies are “incredibly popular.” However, the reality is quite different.

In fact, real weekly earnings in relation to inflation have been in decline for over two years. Does this seem like a positive situation to anyone?

The Harsh Truth About Biden’s Economy

Economist EJ Antoni recently revealed the truth about the current state of the Biden economy.

According to Antoni, Biden’s excessive spending comes at a cost, and the administration must find ways to recover that money. One approach is to raise taxes or allow inflation to erode the value of money.

As Antoni highlights, inflation is a “hidden tax” that diminishes the purchasing power of money. For example, even if you have $100, it may only be able to buy goods worth $57 compared to a year ago.

Biden’s Shameless Lies

The Biden administration claims to have created more jobs than any previous administration, reduced the deficit, and increased incomes for low-income individuals. However, this narrative doesn’t align with reality.

As Antoni points out, ordinary American families aren’t buying into this propaganda. They are well aware that real wages are declining, and the average family is losing $5,600 per year in income.

Regarding job creation, the Biden administration is taking credit for businesses reopening after being forced to close during the pandemic. These are businesses that were shut down by the same administration that is now claiming credit for their revival.

The Biden administration’s claims are nonsensical.

The Bottom Line

Bidenomics is suffocating America. The deceptive claims of this administration are reminiscent of Soviet-level propaganda.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.

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