Trump Pledges to Enforce Stricter Rules for Law and Order

Former President Trump made a significant announcement regarding his plans if elected in 2024. Despite the expected criticism and controversy, Trump pledged to reinstate the “stop and frisk” policy nationwide.

The “stop and frisk” policy allows law enforcement to stop and search individuals they suspect of carrying drugs, illegal weapons, or engaging in illegal activities.

The announcement to revive stop and frisk at the federal level has sparked widespread criticism due to concerns over increased police authority and potential violations of the Fourth Amendment.

While police already have the authority to search individuals based on a “reasonable suspicion” of wrongdoing, stop and frisk and civil forfeiture are generally considered unconstitutional.

Critics argue that this policy is a “racist dog whistle” and may face legal challenges preventing its implementation.

In addition, Trump vowed to investigate “radical” district attorneys and attorneys general across the country as part of his commitment to addressing issues within the justice system.

While the potential consequences of stop and frisk are concerning, there is a need to address radical ideologies and individuals who may have infiltrated the US judicial system.

According to Trump, these “Marxist prosecutors” must be stopped by a reformed and improved Department of Justice to counter their alleged reverse racism against white individuals.

Trump also expressed his intent to ban transgender procedures in all 50 states and commented on the unfortunate necessity of such a measure.

With rising crime rates and perceived threats from radical ideologies, Trump believes it is time to take action.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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