Trump’s Startling Disclosure: Fauci Wasn’t a Prominent Figure in My Administration

In a recent interview, former President Donald Trump made a striking revelation about Dr. Anthony Fauci’s role during his tenure. Contrary to popular belief, Trump stated Fauci, who headed the COVID-19 response team, was not a significant figure in his administration.

Speaking on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, Trump clarified his stance on why he didn’t dismiss Fauci, a decision that has been a point of contention among conservatives.

The former president explained due to civil service rules, he was not permitted to fire Fauci. Trump also emphasized he often chose not to follow Fauci’s advice, further diminishing the doctor’s influence within his administration.

Trump’s comments came as a surprise to many, given Fauci’s high-profile position during the pandemic.

However, Trump insisted Fauci’s prominence grew under President Biden’s administration, not his own. He stated, “Dr. Fauci became a big player in the administration of Biden. He’s a very big player in Biden’s administration.”

The former president also took the opportunity to criticize Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, his potential rival in the 2024 GOP presidential primary. Trump expressed dissatisfaction with DeSantis’ handling of the coronavirus pandemic in Florida, particularly his decision to implement strict lockdown measures.

Trump argued DeSantis’ approach was overly restrictive, pointing out other conservative governors, such as South Carolina’s Henry McMaster and South Dakota’s Kristi Noem, did not resort to such drastic measures.

He also highlighted Florida’s high COVID-19 death toll under DeSantis’ leadership, stating, “Florida was third-worst in deaths … that’s a horrible statistic.”

Despite these criticisms, the DeSantis campaign maintains Florida was fully open by early May 2020 and DeSantis banned mask and vaccine mandates in the state. They argue the Florida governor stood up to federal bureaucrats and rejected their calls for continued lockdowns and mandates.

Interestingly, despite Trump’s claims about Fauci’s limited role, the White House COVID-19 Response Team under Trump did encourage Florida to implement lockdown measures.

This request was ignored by DeSantis, further fueling the debate over the best approach to managing the pandemic.

Trump’s recent comments have ultimately shed new light on the dynamics within his administration during the COVID-19 crisis. His assertion that Fauci was not a key player in his administration challenges the widely held perception of Fauci’s role.

Furthermore, Trump’s criticism of DeSantis’ handling of the pandemic in Florida adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing discussion about the best strategies for managing public health crises.

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