USAF General Issues Warning Against Decreasing Stockpiles

The commander of the US Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) has expressed concern over the dangerously low inventory of weapons held by the US and its allies, particularly due to the increased arms deliveries to Ukraine.

Gen. James Hecker, who also oversees US air defenses in Africa, spoke at a conference in London alongside air chiefs from the UK and Sweden. He urged other NATO members to assess the state of their arsenals and highlighted the declining stockpiles.

Hecker emphasized the importance of periodically evaluating the inventory of weapons in the 32 NATO nations. He also mentioned the ongoing debate surrounding Sweden’s potential membership in the alliance.

Since the Russian assault in February 2022, the US has provided Ukraine with approximately $41.3 billion in security aid. Most of this aid has been transferred from existing stockpiles rather than newly manufactured weapons. The Pentagon has faced challenges replenishing the depleted stockpile while seeking more advanced weapons for the future.

The limited ammunition stockpile played a role in the Biden administration’s controversial decision to transfer cluster munitions to Ukraine. These weapons are prohibited in over 100 countries due to human rights concerns. Ukraine has already received nearly two million 155 mm artillery rounds and other armaments.

The US officials defended the cluster bomb deliveries as a temporary measure to buy time for increased weapon production and to support Ukraine’s counteroffensive.

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