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YouTube has taken down the inaugural speech of John Ruddick, an Australian politician for the Liberal Democrats in the New South Wales Parliament. The reason cited by YouTube was the spread of medical misinformation.

YouTube Removes Speech by Australian Politician

In his speech, Ruddick, who left the Liberal Party to join the Liberal Democrats after 27 years, criticized the COVID-19 policies of the ruling party.

Ruddick argued that the strict restrictions and vaccination campaigns were disproportionate to the virus, which he claimed had a fatality rate similar to that of the flu season.

Ruddick stated, “The totalitarian COVID police state acted over a mere fever. While bad flu outbreaks may occur, we handled COVID the same way we handled Ebola.”

He criticized the characterization of COVID as a global epidemic and argued that the mortality rate in New South Wales was 0.13%, higher than the average winter mortality rate.

Ruddick also raised concerns about the New South Wales government’s quarantine measures for individuals who had merely been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

Ruddick also criticized the global vaccination drive, referring to it as vaccine fanaticism.

He condemned the New South Wales government for implementing what he called draconian vaccine mandates and for imposing longer-than-expected lockdowns.

Ruddick stated, “They won’t let you leave until you receive multiple doses, not only of a rushed vaccine, but of an entirely new kind of vaccine.”

Ruddick further expressed concerns about the safety of the vaccines, citing data that, in his opinion, showed a rise in excess mortality rates after mass mRNA injections.

Health Benefits of Fewer Vaccines

Ruddick pointed out that the New South Wales Health Department’s weekly statistics from the previous year indicated that individuals who had received fewer vaccinations were less likely to visit an emergency room or ICU.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.

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