CCP Military Scientists From Wuhan Back Defender of COVID-19 Vaccines

Reports have emerged in recent weeks questioning the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines. Some studies have suggested that individuals who received multiple doses of the vaccine were more susceptible to reinfection compared to those who had not been vaccinated as extensively.

Dr. Hotez, a vocal supporter of vaccines, appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience to discuss the vaccines with Democrat presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. However, instead of providing explanations or evidence for the vaccines’ effectiveness, Hotez resorted to attacking Rogan and Kennedy.

Chinese influence is everywhere

Although figurative, Hotez’s response can be seen as a form of violence, as he chose to attack Rogan and Kennedy instead of providing substantive information about the vaccines. This could be because he lacks conclusive evidence to support his claims about the vaccines’ effectiveness.

Hotez’s statement claiming that “science isn’t something that’s typically up for debate” is problematic. Scientific progress is often driven by debating and challenging established principles. It is through debate that scientific discoveries are made and knowledge advances. Therefore, dismissing the importance of debate in science is misguided.

The left’s current narrative often involves debates about scientific topics, such as the understanding of gender. They have moved away from the traditional binary view of gender and embraced a more nuanced perspective that recognizes a spectrum of gender identities.

Of course, Fauci is involved

Hotez gained attention in December 2021 when it was revealed that he received a $1 million annual grant from Dr. Fauci. Shibo Jiang, a scientist affiliated with two Chinese military health organizations, was also a recipient of this grant. Fauci’s funding of Chinese labs enabled the support of numerous projects conducted by scientists associated with the People’s Liberation Army and the CCP.

It is worth noting that Hotez did not personally participate in the two controversial coronavirus studies funded by the grant. Instead, these studies were carried out entirely by Chinese scientists.

Given Hotez’s connections to Fauci and Chinese coronavirus labs, it is understandable why he refuses to engage in debates about the vaccines’ effectiveness. There are concerns that Fauci may have played a significant role in the pandemic, considering his involvement in funding Wuhan labs associated with the virus’s initial outbreak.

The left’s strategy of dividing and conquering has been finely executed, ensuring that their narrative prevails in public discourse.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.

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